Tarantula X6 Quadcopter – FPV FC40 WiFi Camera

We try out the FPV DJI Phantom FC40 WiFi Camera on the Tarantula X6 Quadcopter Drone. This video shows the camera mod and footage from the ground and also the FC40 camera view on the X6 in the sky.

Music during end flight FPV view: Reflection Pool – JR Tundra

Get the Tarantula X6 Quadcopter at

You can also get the model with a camera at this link: and spare parts can be got from:

Note, the Yizhan Tarantula X6 is also called and branded as the JJRC H16

Yizhan Tarantula X6 2.4G 4CH RC quadcopter, Hyper IOC Function with LCD Controller, great range and 1200mAh lipo battery which gives around 8-10 minutes of flight time.

Quadcopter kindly sent to us for free from Gearbest.com. We have no affiliation with them and make no money from any sales they just send us quadcopters for free and we glady video review them and link back to them as a thanks as they are nice people and a great site we trust and can recommend.

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